Poa saltuensis Fern. & Wieg.

Locations ofPoa saltuensis Fern. & Wieg. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Poa saltuensis Fern. & Wieg.
Common Name
Weak Bluegrass
Poa saltuensis Fern. & Wieg. ssp. saltuensis
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Poa saltuensis Fern. & Wieg.
The taxonomy of Poa saltuensis and P. languida has been controversial, with the two taxa treated variously as separate species, subspecies of P. saltuensis, or lumped under a broad concept of Poa saltuensis. Because subtle morphological differences hold up for Virginia material, we here follow the traditional species approach based on significant differences in morphology, ecology, and geographic range.
Open, usually graminoid-rich northern hardwood and northern red oak forests, usually above 1066 m (3500 ft) elevation. Rare in the wc. mountains of Augusta, Highland, and Rockingham counties (Ridge and Valley and Allegheny Mountains provinces) but locally frequent in several high-elevation landscapes in those counties.
Native Status

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