Erianthus giganteus (Walt.) P. Beauv.

Locations ofErianthus giganteus (Walt.) P. Beauv. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Erianthus giganteus (Walt.) P. Beauv.
Common Name
Giant Plumegrass, Sugarcane Plumegrass
Saccharum giganteum (Walt.) Pers.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Erianthus giganteus (Walt.) P. Beauv.
Hodkinson et al. (J. Pl. Res. 115, 2002) developed molecular evidence that our native plume grasses (traditional New World Erianthus spp.) are not congeneric with Old World Saccharum. Instead, they form a poorly resolved clade with the African genus Miscanthidium Stapf 1908 and other genera. The relationship to Miscanthidium is very uncertain, but if combined, Erianthus Michx. 1803 has nomenclatural priority. There may be other interpretations once these groups are studied with more data (R. Soreng, pers. comm.). At least for now, Erianthus appears to be the best generic placement of our species.
Bogs, wet flatwoods, depression ponds, interdune swales and ponds, tidal (especially wind-tidal) oligohaline marshes, moist to wet clearings, ditches, old fields, and roadsides. Common in the s. and c. Coastal Plain; infrequent elsewhere in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont; rare in the mountains.
Native Status

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