Heteranthera pauciflora C.N. Horn

Locations ofHeteranthera pauciflora C.N. Horn in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Heteranthera pauciflora C.N. Horn
Common Name
Atlantic Mud Plantain
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Heteranthera pauciflora C.N. Horn
Heteranthera pauciflora is one of two new species described by Horn (2020, in J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 14 (1): 1-8) as segregates from the midwestern Heteranthera multiflora. Heteranthera pauciflora has 3–6 flowers on a short axis that is commonly included in the subtending spathe. It is a Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain endemic ranging from New Jersey to North Carolina.
Shallow water and mud on both intertidal and rocky, nontidal river shores. Rare in the c. Coastal Plain and immediately adjacent Fall Zone of the outer Piedmont.
Native Status

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