Tridens strictus (Nutt.) Nash

Locations ofTridens strictus (Nutt.) Nash in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Tridens strictus (Nutt.) Nash
Common Name
Long-spike Tridens, Long-spike Fluffgrass
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Tridens strictus (Nutt.) Nash
Our only Tridens with a dense, spikelike panicle. The nativity of this grass in our region seems doubtful. Its primary range is the lower Midwest, with widely scattered, usually weedy occurrences in the Mid-Atlantic states. The few Virginia populations do not appear to have persisted, further suggesting an ephemeral introduction.
Moist clearings, roadsides, and alluvial fields. Rare, Coastal Plain and Piedmont; known only from historical collections in York, James City, and Halifax counties.
Native Status
Not Specified

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