Artemisia vulgaris L.

Locations ofArtemisia vulgaris L.  in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Artemisia vulgaris L.
Common Name
Common Mugwort
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Artemisia vulgaris L.
A number of infraspecific taxa have been proposed but, according to FNA19, the alleged distinctions are blurred by a "bewildering" array of variation. Some of the extensive variation could be due to the cryptic presence of a closely related species, Artemisia verlotiorium Lam. Based on the extensive comments in Flora of the Southeastern U.S. (Weakley et al. 2023), this species could easily be lurking under the radar in Virginia and elsewhere in North America. It is similar to A. vulgaris, a species most botanists have little interest in collecting or studying. Although there is still some ambiguity in the precise morphological characters that separate A. verlotiorum and A. vulgaris, one major difference is that A. verlotiorium is long-rhizomatous and forms dense clonal patches while A. vulgaris is non-rhizomatous or very short-rhizomatous and clump-forming. Specimens from obvious clonal populations are needed, both for documentation and taxonomic study.
Fields, roadsides, pastures, clearings, floodplain forests, and other disturbed habitats. Frequent throughout.
Native Status

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