Antennaria parlinii Fern. ssp. parlinii

Locations ofAntennaria parlinii Fern. ssp. parlinii in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Antennaria parlinii Fern. ssp. parlinii
Common Name
Parlin's Pussytoes
Antennaria plantaginifolia (L.) Richards. var. parlinii (Fernald) Cronquist
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Antennaria parlinii Fern. ssp parlinii
This variety, which was subsumed within A. plantaginifolia in Atlas III, is only partially mapped at this time, pending reassessment of additional herbarium specimens. However, it is clearly common in Virginia, at least in the Piedmont and lower mountains, and probably occurs in most counties.
Dry forests, woodlands, clearings, meadows, and road banks. Because this taxon has been subsumed into Antennaria plantaginifolia in most Virginia studies, its distribution and status are incompletely known and herbarium studies are needed. Confirmed records indicate a wide distribution across the state; field studies indicate that ssp. parlinii is frequent, at least in the Piedmont and lower mountains. In some areas of the Piedmont, it is demonstrably more common than A. plantaginifolia.
Native Status

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