Cerastium arvense L. ssp. strictum Gaudin

Locations ofCerastium arvense L. ssp. strictum Gaudin in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Cerastium arvense L. ssp. strictum Gaudin
Common Name
Field Chickweed
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not in Flora of Virginia
See also Cerastium velutinum var. velutinum, which was included in C. arvense in Atlas lll. FNA lists both species for Virginia; northern Virginia material has been identified as C. velutinum var. velutinum, leaving the Bedford Co. specimen as the likely source of the record for C. arvense ssp. strictum. Identified only to species, this specimen needs critical re-evaluation under a microscope.
Reported from banks along the Blue Ridge Parkway on Apple Orchard Mountain, Bedford Co. Rare, mountains (Northern Blue Ridge province).
Native Status

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