Campanulastrum americanum (L.) Small

Locations ofCampanulastrum americanum (L.) Small in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Campanulastrum americanum (L.) Small
Common Name
Tall Bellflower
Campanula americana L.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Campanula americana L.
Both Shetler and Morin (1986, Ann. Miss. Bot. Gar. 73) and Shulkina et al. (2003, Ann. Miss. Bot. Gar. 90) make a strong case for segregating this species in Small's monotypic Campanulastrum. More recently, Roquet et al. (2008, Syst. Bot. 33) preferred the most conservative approach in order to maintain monophylly in the genus. This approach, however, would combine a number of genera into a much-broadened Campanula. While the placement of this species is uncertain at this time, we feel that its placement in Campanulastrum is justifiable and draws attention to important differences between it and traditional Campanulas.
Moist to dry, rich forests, boulder fields, Coastal Plain shell-marl ravines; most numerous in soils weathered from calcareous or mafic substrates. Frequent in the mountains; infrequent in the inner Piedmont; rare in the outer Piedmont and Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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