Nanopanax trifolius (L.) A. Haines

Locations ofNanopanax trifolius (L.) A. Haines in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Nanopanax trifolius (L.) A. Haines
Common Name
Dwarf Ginseng
Panax trifolius L.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Nanopanax trifolius (L.) A. Haines
Nanopanax is a monotypic genus of eastern North America. According to Flora of the Southeastern U.S. (Weakley et al. 2023): "Nanopanax trifolius has long been seen as a morphological outlier in Panax, and recent phylogenetic studies reveal it as sister to the remainder of the genus (Zuo, Wen, & Zhou 2017, Mol. Phylog. Syst. 117: 60-74). The many morphological differences .... warrant its recognition as a separate genus (Haines 2020, Bot. Notes 15: 1-5)."
Well-drained floodplain forests, mesic slope forests, and seepage swamp hummocks; mesic flatwoods and swamp island forests in se. Virginia, northern hardwood forests on Allegheny Mountain (Highland County); mostly, but not exclusively, on base-rich soils. Infrequent and scattered in the Piedmont; rare in the mountains and Coastal Plain. This species has an irregular distribution, occurring commonly in some areas but absent from extensive areas with seemingly suitable habitat.
Native Status

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