Phyllanthus caroliniensis Walt. ssp. caroliniensis

Locations ofPhyllanthus caroliniensis Walt. ssp. caroliniensis in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Phyllanthus caroliniensis Walt. ssp. caroliniensis
Common Name
Carolina Leaf-flower
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Phyllanthus caroliniensis Walt.
Flora of the Southeastern U.S. recognizes P. caroliniensis ssp. saxicola (Small) G.L. Webster of s. Florida and the West Indies as a species and treats P. caroliniensis of our area without a subspecies designation. According to John Hayden, however, Webster recognized two additional subsp. in addition to the nominate subsp. (ssp. gianensis and ssp. stenopterus); and until all three of these subspecies are elevated to species rank or definitively lumped, we will continue to refer to Virginia material as ssp. caroliniensis. See Levin's account in FNA12.
Seasonally exposed rocky and sandy shores, exsiccated floodplain pools and depressions, seepage areas on flatrocks, muddy ruts, old roadbeds, and low fields; often in barren, compacted soils that are seasonally or periodically wet. Frequent in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont; rare in the mountains.
Native Status

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