Stillingia sylvatica Garden ex L.

Locations ofStillingia sylvatica Garden ex L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Stillingia sylvatica Garden ex L.
Common Name
Stillingia sylvatica L. ssp. sylvatica
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Stillingia sylvatica Garden ex L. ssp sylvatica
The treatment here follows FNA's broad interpretation of the name Stillingia sylvatica, which includes the taxon formerly known by the misapplied name S. stillingia ssp. tenuis and that Flora of the Southeastern U.S. now splits out as S. tenuis. The latter is reported to be consistently distinct morphologically and ecologically in the core, Florida part of its range but exhibits extensive intergradation of leaf shape and pistillate bract morphology with S. sylvatica elsewhere; see also the comments in FNA. The interpretation and appropriate rank of the "tenuis" taxon seems a bit unsettled and in need of additional study. See Horn (2022, J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 16(2): 377-418) for a different opinion.
Sandhill woodlands and clearings. Rare in the inner Coastal Plain of se. Virginia.
Native Status

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