Kalmia carolina Small

Locations ofKalmia carolina Small in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Kalmia carolina Small
Common Name
Carolina Laurel, Carolina Wicky, Carolina Bog-myrtle
Kalmia angustifolia L. var. carolina (Small) Fernald
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Kalmia carolina Small
This taxon reaches its northern range limit in two, disjunct areas of southeastern and southwestern Virginia. It is now rare in most areas due to lack of suitable habitats and widespread fire exclusion. See also Kalmia angustifolia, of which it is sometimes treated as a var.
Sphagnous swamps, pocosins, boggy flatwoods, clearings, depressions, mountain bogs and fens; typically in peatier and less sandy habitats than Kalmia angustifolia. At least the SE Virginia habitats were strongly influenced by frequent fires in the past, although now generally fire-suppressed. Rare (but locally common at a few sites) in the s. Coastal Plain and sw. mountains; restricted to extreme se. Virginia and
the Southern Blue Ridge.
Native Status

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