Torilis arvensis (Huds.) Link ssp. recta Jury

Locations ofTorilis arvensis (Huds.) Link ssp. recta Jury in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Torilis arvensis (Huds.) Link ssp. recta Jury
Common Name
Spreading Hedge Parsley
Torilis arvensis (Huds.) Link ssp. arvensis, misapplied; Torilis helvetica (Jacq.) C.C. Gmel.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Torilis arvensis (Huds.) Link
The naturalized, eastern North American representatives of the Torilis arvensis complex apparently all represent ssp. recta Jury. This ssp. is much taller than other ssp., with fewer, more erect branches, and more rays per umbel (Jury 1996). Weakley et al's Flora of the Southeastern U.S. (2023) opts to treat this as a species, but that approach hasn't (yet) been much accepted, even in Europe. See Jury, S.L. 1996. A new subspecies of Torilis arvensis (Hudson) Link. Lagascalia 18(2): 282-284 for more information.
Fields, roadsides, and weedy clearings. Infrequent, scattered throughout; locally common in some areas.
Native Status

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