Smilax pulverulenta Michx.

Locations ofSmilax pulverulenta Michx. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Smilax pulverulenta Michx.
Common Name
Hairy Carrion-flower, Downy Carrion-flower
S. herbacea L. var. pulverulenta (Michx.) A. Gray
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Smilax pulverulenta Michx.
Map incomplete at this time; this taxon was lumped with Smilax herbacea or considered a variety of it in many past Virginia floristic studies. Normally, hirtellous pubescence (sometimes sparse) on the leaf veins beneath is a diagnostic character, but some specimens can be nearly glabrous, especially in deeply shaded habitats. In the absence of pubescence, the leaf undersides differ from those of S. herbacea in being medium green with a slight, satiny sheen (vs. dull and pale green or glaucous).
Mesic to dry upland forests, floodplain forests, and clearings; usually in base-rich soils. Infrequent to locally common in the mountains and Piedmont; infrequent to rare in the Coastal Plain. This species has been lumped with Smilax herbacea in many Virginia studies and is certainly more widespread and frequent than verified collections indicate.
Native Status

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