Yucca filamentosa L.

Locations ofYucca filamentosa L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Yucca filamentosa L.
Common Name
Common Yucca, Adam's Needle
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Yucca filamentosa L.
The range of this species in Virginia has probably increased dramatically as the result of cultivation, and the map includes collections from both introduced and native populations, as well as from those whose status cannot be ascertained from the available data. See also Comments under the map of Yucca flaccida.
Open or thinly shaded, sandy woodlands, dunes, cliffs, granite flatrocks, roadsides, old fields, and abandoned homesites. Frequent throughout. Commonly cultivated and widely naturalized in weedy habitats; also infrequent as a native in xeric, often sandy habitats such as Coastal Plain dunes, sandhills, and around granitic outcrops.
Native Status

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