Asarum canadense L.

Locations ofAsarum canadense L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Asarum canadense L.
Common Name
Common Wild Ginger
Asarum canadense L. var. canadense; Asarum canadense var. reflexum (Bickn.) B.L. Robins.; Asarum reflexum Bickn.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Asarum canadense L.
Flora of the Southeastern U.S. treats three vars. of Asarum canadense at the species level; two of them (A. canadense s.s. and A. reflexum) definitely occur in Virginia. These taxa differ in calyx morphologies that are most easily seen in fresh flowers. However, considerable variation can occur, even within a single population, and plants with somewhat ambiguous, intermediate calyx characters can often be found. In addition, the diagnostic characters said to separate the two taxa (degree of calyx lobe reflexing, calyx lobe length, calyx tip length) are not always perfectly correlated. Moreover, herbarium specimens are often vegetative, or have flowers that are distorted enough by pressing and drying that their identity is rendered uncertain. As a result, the relative distributions and frequency of the two taxa in our area are not confidently known. We currently lack the data needed to meaningfully map segregates (at whatever level) separately, and a species-level map is all we can currently provide.
Rich, mesic to dry-mesic upland forests and well-drained floodplain forests. Common in the mountains and Piedmont; infrequent in inner Coastal Plain; rare in outer Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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