Hexastylis arifolia (Michx.) Small

Locations ofHexastylis arifolia (Michx.) Small in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Hexastylis arifolia (Michx.) Small
Common Name
Little Brown Jug, Arrowleaf Heartleaf
Hexastylis arifolia (Michx.) Small var. arifolia
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Hexastylis arifolia (Michx.) Small var. arifolia
This species and Hexastylis ruthii were formerly treated as vars. of H. arifolia, but Flora of the Southeastern U.S. has recently resurrected their treatment as species. The two taxa are somewhat segregated geographically, and are different enough morphologically (especially in the context of species circumscriptions in this genus) that treatment at species rank seems more than justified. Hexastylis arifolia is primarily a plant of the Coastal Plain and Piedmont, but ranges sparingly into the Southern Appalachians.
Mesic to fairly dry upland forests, particularly those of oaks and beech; occasional in wet flatwoods and on swamp hummocks. Infrequent in the Coastal Plain of se. Virginia (Dinwiddie Co. and cities of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake), rare in the s. Piedmont; some few Piedmont collections are vegetative but assumed to represent this species for mapping purposes.
Native Status

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