Hexastylis lewisii (Fern.) Blomquist & Oosting

Locations ofHexastylis lewisii (Fern.) Blomquist & Oosting in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Hexastylis lewisii (Fern.) Blomquist & Oosting
Common Name
Lewis's Heartleaf
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Hexastylis lewisii (Fern.) Blomquist & Oosting
The scattered leaves on sterile rhizomes and the pilose inner surfaces of the calyx lobes are characteristic features of this species, which is a narrow endemic of the Piedmont and Coastal Plain of southern Virginia and North Carolina.
In a notable diversity of both specialized and ordinary habitats, including seepage swamp hummocks, well-drained floodplain forests, hardpan forests, dry-rich oak-hickory forests, oak/heath forests, and sandhill woodlands. Infrequent in the southern and central Piedmont and inner Coastal Plain, but may be abundant where found.
Native Status

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