Eupatorium vaseyi Porter

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Botanical Name
Eupatorium vaseyi Porter
Common Name
Vasey's Thoroughwort
Eupatorium album L. var. vaseyi (T.C. Porter) Cronq.; Eupatorium album L. var. monardifolium Fern.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Eupatorium vaseyi Porter
The status of this species in Virginia is poorly understood due to widespread misapplication of the name E. vaseyi, or lumping with other species. In the past, the name was misapplied to the species now known as E. godfreyanum. Subsequently, E. vaseyi was considered a var. of E. sessilifolium or E. album, the latter treatment (E. album var. vaseyi) maintained by Siripun and Schilling (2006) in FNA. As currently interpreted, this species is similar to E. album var. album, but has glabrate, acute, evenly serrate leaves (vs. pubescent, obtuse, regularly to irregularly often crenately toothed leaves in E. album) and its white-tipped phyllaries are less attenuate than those of E. album var. album. It is certainly one of the less common Eupatorium spp. in the state, but its morphology seems quite consistent among the scattered populations that have been sampled recently.
Dry woodlands, clearings, old fields, and roadsides. The distribution and status of this species are incompletely known due to past taxonomic and nomenclatural confusion. Recent herbarium and field work strongly suggests that it is widely distributed but very infrequent over most of the state; additional study is needed.
Native Status

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