Yucca flaccida Haworth

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Botanical Name
Yucca flaccida Haworth
Common Name
Weakleaf Yucca
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Yucca flaccida Haworth
FNA recognizes this southeastern species but says it is perhaps not taxonomically distinct from Y. filamentosa. However, Ward (in Castanea 76, 2011) makes a strong case for their segregation as distinct species. FNA does not attribute Yucca flaccida to VA, but the occurrences from dry, exposed clifftop woodlands and barrens in southwest Virginia seem clearly native and geographically consistent with the species' natural range. Yucca flaccida occurs on and around rock outcrops in its natural range from c. NC and TN to FL and AL. It also comes reasonably close to sw. Virginia in its Tennessee occurrences. Like Yucca filamentosa, this species is also sometimes cultivated and may escape into ruderal habitats, especially (but not exclusively) in carbonate rock areas. Critical evaluation of herbarium specimens residing under the name Y. filamentosa is needed.

Native on exposed limestone cliffs, woodlands, and barrens along the Powell River in Lee County. A 1943 record from Giles County (H.H. Iltis #2270 (US)) on a dry, open, south-facing, limestone, roadside slope has been determined to be an introduction. At this site, plants occur at scattered roadside locations for several miles along Spruce Run Road but are absent from the natural limestone cliffs and outcrops above New River, a mere 0.25 mile from Iltis' station. It is also scattered as an introduction at several other mountain and Piedmont localities.
Native Status

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