Aconitum uncinatum L.

Locations ofAconitum uncinatum L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Aconitum uncinatum L.
Common Name
Blue Monkshood
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Aconitum uncinatum L.
Variation in upper leaf lobing and distribution of pubescence on pedicels shows no geographical pattern; see Brittonia 16:80-94 (1964). Two subspecific names, ssp. muticum (DC.) Hardin and ssp. uncinatum, are available to accommodate this variation, but application of these names to Virginia material has proven problematic.
Mesic upland forests, well-drained floodplain forests, stream banks, seepage swamps, fens, and seeps. Frequent in the s. and c. mountains and s. and c. Piedmont; rare in the Coastal Plain and n. Virginia. This species generally occurs at lower elevations than Aconitum reclinatum but sometimes co-occurs with it in the mountains.
Native Status

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