Liatris squarrulosa Michx.

Locations ofLiatris squarrulosa Michx. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Liatris squarrulosa Michx.
Common Name
Appalachian Blazing Star, Appalachian Gayfeather
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Liatris squarrulosa Michx.
Distinguishing between Liatris squarrulosa and L. scariosa in Virginia is problematic. Descriptions allow for longer peduncle lengths in L. squarrulosa and fewer florets (therefore smaller heads) in L. scariosa so as to blur the distinction. Liatris squarrulosa typically has hairier stems and nearly sessile heads with the involucral bracts squarrose (at least in the lower half). During the Massey and Harvill years, the name L. squarrulosa was not in use in Virginia leading to the name L. scariosa being applied to both entities adding further to the confusion (or perhaps being a logical solution to the problem!). Plasticity in the genus is well known.
Dry rocky woodlands, outcrops, and road banks. The distribution and status of this taxon in Virginia are poorly known. Preliminary indications are that it is infrequent to rare in the mountains and perhaps the inner Piedmont.
Native Status

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