Packera millefolium (T. & G.) W.A. Weber & A. Love

Locations ofPackera millefolium (T. & G.) W.A. Weber & A. Love in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Packera millefolium (T. & G.) W.A. Weber & A. Love
Common Name
Yarrow-leaved Ragwort
Senecio millefolium Torr. & Gray
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Packera millefolium (Torrey & A. Gray) W.A. Weber & A. Love
The hybrid betweem P. millefolium and P. anonymous is usually found where the habitat of millefolium grades into less xeric conditions. It is called Senecio x memmingeri, the combination under Packera not having been made (Uttal, L.J. 1984. Senecio millefolium and its introgressants. Sida 10(3):216-222).
Our material keys closest to P. millefolium but does not match the morphology of that species in the heart of its range (NC-SC-GA), where it occurs on completely different substrates and landforms from the Virginia populations. The taxonomic status of Virginia plants is currently under study.
Dry, limestone and dolostone woodlands and barrens. Rare, sw. mountains; known only from Lee and Scott counties.
Native Status

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