Packera paupercula (Michx.) A. & D. Love var. paupercula

Locations ofPackera paupercula (Michx.) A. & D. Love var. paupercula in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Packera paupercula (Michx.) A. & D. Love var. paupercula
Common Name
Balsam Ragwort
Packera paupercula (Mich.) Á. & D. Löve var. paupercula; Senecio pauperculus Michx.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Packera paupercula (Michaux) A.&D. Love var. paupercula
A confusing array of plants occurs in Virginia with the distinction between this taxon and P. anonyma being quite blurred. Packera paupercula var. paupercula usually occurs over basic (especially ultramafic) rocks whereas P. anonyma is weedy. See also discussion under P. paupercula var. appalachiana, and see map and comments for P. crawfordii, which is included by some in P. paupercula.
Dry, open forests, woodlands, barrens, riverside prairies, meadows, and clearings; generally on mafic, ultramafic, and calcareous substrates. Infrequent and widely scattered in the mountains and Piedmont.
Native Status

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