Rudbeckia triloba L. var. beadlei (Small) Fernald

Locations ofRudbeckia triloba L. var. beadlei (Small) Fernald in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Rudbeckia triloba L. var. beadlei (Small) Fernald
Common Name
Pinnate-lobed Coneflower
Rudbeckia triloba L. var. pinnatiloba Torr. & Gray (sensu lato), in part
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Rudbeckia triloba L. var. beadlei (Small) Fernald
A distinctive, shorter and thinner-stemmed plant with dissected leaves even in the basal rosettes. The Flora of Virginia and Flora of the Southeastern United States treat this taxon as var. beadlei (Small) Fernald, which is included in a broader circumscription of var. pinnatiloba Torr. & A. Gray by FNA. However, the combined morphological, ecological, and geographic differences between var. beadlei and var. pinnatiloba (sensu FSUS) clearly argue for their treatment as separate taxa. The ecological divergence is striking: var. pinnatiloba is limited to southern Alabama and the Florida panhandle and occurs in wet savannas, while var. beadlei is a Southern Appalachian endemic (VA, KY, NC, TN) occurring on calcareous cliffs.
Palisading, riverside limestone and dolostone cliffs; also reported (not vouchered) from a calcareous siltstone cliff on Clinch Mountain; occurs in crevices of the rock faces or in thin soils on ledges and clifftops. Rare, sw. mountains.
Native Status

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