Sericocarpus asteroides (L.) B.S.P.

Locations ofSericocarpus asteroides (L.) B.S.P. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Sericocarpus asteroides (L.) B.S.P.
Common Name
Toothed White-top Aster
Sericocarpus asteroides (L.) B.S.P. (sensu lato), in part
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Sericocarpus asteroides (L.) B.S.P., in part
Nesom (2021, Phytoneuron 2021-33: 1-33) has split Sericocarpus asteroides, as traditionally circumscribed, into two species based on growth habit and geography. He restricts the name Sericocarpus asteroides to plants of the Coastal Plain and lower Piedmont that are colonial from long, scaly, creeping rhizomes. Plants of the upper Piedmont, Appalachians, and Interior Low Plateau have a cespitose habitat with no creeping rhizomes and are given the new name Sericocarpus caespitosus. These taxa are largely allopatric but overlap to some extent in the Piedmont in our area. New maps are based largely on those in Nesom (2021), modified slightly by additional herbarium data. Note that going forward, identification of specimens will not be possible without the inclusion of well-collected roots.
Dry forests, woodlands, and clearings. Frequent to common in the Coastal Plain and e. Piedmont. New records can probably be expected in additional Piedmont counties.
Native Status

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