Silphium perfoliatum L.

Locations ofSilphium perfoliatum L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Silphium perfoliatum L.
Common Name
Cup Plant
Silphium perfoliatum L. var. perfoliatum
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Silphium perfoliatum L.
The treatment here follows Flora of the Southeastern U.S. and Flora of Virginia in recognizing Silphium perfoliatum and S. connatum as separate species. While similar in gross morphology, the two differ significantly in pubescence and number of flowers per head. Moreover, S. perfoliatum is a Midwestern species that is somewhat disjunct in the Southern Appalachians while S. connatum is a narrow Southern Appalachian endemic.
Floodplain forests and alluvial clearings, especially along the Clinch River; also along the New River. The distribution and status of this var. are incompletely known. It appears to be infrequent, or possibly rare, in far sw. Virginia.
Native Status

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