Smallanthus uvedalia (L.) Mackenzie ex Small

Locations ofSmallanthus uvedalia (L.) Mackenzie ex Small in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Smallanthus uvedalia (L.) Mackenzie ex Small
Common Name
Hairy Leafcup, Yellow-flowered Leafcup, Bear's-foot
Polymnia uvedalia (L.) L.; Smallanthus uvedalius (L.) Mackenz. ex Small
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Smallanthus uvedalius (L.) Mackenzie ex Small
The Flora of Virginia uses the specific name "uvedalius," which is also accepted by Kartesz (2011) and USDA Plants. However, Code of Nomenclature rules governing the use of epithets as nouns in apposition (rather than as adjectives) dictate that Smallanthus uvedalia (basionym: Osteospermum uvedalia L.) is correct (A.S. Weakley, pers. comm.). This is accepted by FNA, Tropicos, IPNI, and ITIS.
Floodplain forests, mesic upland forests, dry calcareous forests and woodlands, moist clearings, and old fields; usually in base-rich soils. Frequent throughout.
Native Status

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