Solidago curtisii Torr. & Gray

Locations ofSolidago curtisii Torr. & Gray in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Solidago curtisii Torr. & Gray
Common Name
Curtis' Goldenrod
Solidago curtisii T. & G. var. pubens (M.A. Curtis) A. Gray
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Solidago curtisii Torr. & Gray
Plants with densely puberulent stems have been called var. pubens (M.A. Curtis) A. Gray. In Virginia, they intergrade completely, and occur in mixed populations, with the more glabrate typical var. We consider them a forma of the species. See also Solidago flaccidifolia.
Mesic to dry-mesic (to occasionally dry) upland forests, montane alluvial forests, and clearings. Common in the mountains, primarily above 600 m (2000 ft) elevation, except absent (or very rare) on the northernmost part of the Blue Ridge in Clarke, Fauquier, and Loudoun counties; rare in the Piedmont in areas underlain by mafic rocks (Appomattox, Cumberland, and Fairfax counties).
Native Status

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