Solidago stricta Ait.

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Botanical Name
Solidago stricta Ait.
Common Name
Southern Bog Goldenrod, Virginia Goldenrod
Solidago gracillima Torr. & Gray; Solidago perlonga Fern.; Solidago stricta Ait. ssp. gracillima (Torr. & Gray) Semple
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Solidago stricta Ait.
Recent examination of the holotype of Solidago stricta Ait. (sensu stricto) revealed that it represents the species long known as Solidago gracillima rather than the more southern species long known as Solidago stricta. Thus, the plant formerly named S. gracillima (including all Virginia material of this complex) must now be named S. stricta, and the correct name for the more southern species becomes Solidago virgata Michx. See Semple in Phytoneuron 2013-42: 1-3 for details.

Fernald treated Virginia plants as Solidago perlonga (see Rhodora 40: 469), which has generally been synonymized with S. gracillima (and with S. stricta by a few very conservative taxonomists). Further study may be warranted to determine whether "perlonga" merits recognition at some taxonomic level. "Solidago austrina Small" of Massey's Virginia Flora (1961) also represents this species. Solidago subsect. Humiles, which contains this and several closely related species, is a complex group whose phylogenetic relationships need further study and elucidation.
Collected by Fernald in wet argillaceous pinelands and deciduous flatwoods, exsiccated swampy woods, and clearings of the inner Coastal Plain and extreme outer Piedmont in southeastern Virginia; currently known to be extant only in boggy powerline clearings of the same region. Rare.
Native Status

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