Solidago uliginosa Nutt. var. uliginosa

Locations ofSolidago uliginosa Nutt. var. uliginosa in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Solidago uliginosa Nutt. var. uliginosa
Common Name
Bog Goldenrod
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Solidago uliginosa Nutt. var uliginosa
This is a highly variable species, but all Virginia plants belong to var. uliginosa, distinguished by generally larger and more oblong-lanceolate foliage and broader panicles than other northern varieties. The Highland and Grayson Co. localities belong to a scattered extension of this northern species in the southern Appalachians. The Caroline, Henrico, and Sussex County populations represent the disjunct terminus of a Coastal Plain extension in Delaware and Maryland, where S. uliginosa is scattered in bogs and swamps (W. McAvoy, pers. comm.).
Sphagnous bogs and meadows in the Alleghany Mountains (Highland Co.); mafic fens in The Glades region of the southern Blue Ridge (Grayson Co.); acidic seepage swamps in the Coastal Plain (Caroline, Henrico, Sussex cos.). Rare, but very locally common in each of the three disjunct, localities.
Native Status

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