Symphyotrichum patens (Ait.) Nesom var. patens

Locations ofSymphyotrichum patens (Ait.) Nesom var. patens in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Symphyotrichum patens (Ait.) Nesom var. patens
Common Name
Late Purple Aster
Aster patens Ait. var. patens
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Symphyotrichum patens (Aiton) nesom var. patens
Most Virginia plants are referable to var. patens. Var. gracile (Hook.) Nesom, which is most common in the sc. US, has also been attributed to Virginia by FNA, but is defined more narrowly by Jones (1983, Sida 10) and excluded from eastern states; this discrepancy requires further study. See also S. phlogifolium.
Dry-mesic to dry upland forests, woodlands, barrens, clearings, and road banks; tolerates a range of soil chemistries. Frequent to common in the mountains and Piedmont; infrequent to rare in the Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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