Tagetes minuta L.

Locations ofTagetes minuta L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Tagetes minuta L.
Common Name
Mexican Marigold, Southern Cone Marigold, Muster John Henry
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Tagetes minuta L.
This species is a frequently cultivated native of South America that readily escapes from gardens but dies out if subjected to much competition. Hence, its persistence as an escape, and the prospect of its naturalization, are questionable, at least at most sites. There is, however, a large, self-sustaining population that has persisted for many decades on Belle Isle in James River Park, City of Richmond. In addition, Fernald reported large populations in waste land and vacant lots around Franklin in southeastern Virginia.
Much cultivated and escaped to roadsides, waste ground, sand bars and disturbed bottomlands, and disturbed soil near gardens. An infrequent to rare weed in the Fall Zone and inner Coastal Plain of eastern Virginia, but large populations may become established locally.
Native Status

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