Verbesina virginica L.

Locations ofVerbesina virginica L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Verbesina virginica L.
Common Name
White Crownbeard, Frostweed
Verbesina virginica L. var. virginica
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Verbesina virginica L. var virginica
We tentatively follow FNA, which doesn't formally recognize two infraspecific taxa (var. laciniata and var. virginica); if recognized, ours would be var. virginica. However, Weakley (2012) states that specific status may be warranted for these, and further study is needed. In any case, Virginia populations (except in Lee Co.) are significantly disjunct from the main range of the species, which otherwise reaches a northern limit in the Atlantic states in sc. NC.
Mesic to dry, usually calcareous forests, woodlands, and clearings. Infrequent in the s. and c. Coastal Plain; rare in the sw. mountains (Lee County).
Native Status

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