Lobelia elongata Small

Locations ofLobelia elongata Small in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Lobelia elongata Small
Common Name
Long-leaf Lobelia, Elongated Lobelia
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Lobelia elongata Small
Lobelia glandulosa Walt. was reported by Kearney (Botanical Survey of the Dismal Swamp, 1901) from "open, fresh-water marshes of Northwest River (#2378)." However, as Flora of the Southeastern U.S. notes, this species is often confused with Lobelia elongata, which is fairly common in the marshes cited by Kearney. In all likelihood, this was a simple error of identification. As far as we know, L. glandulosa reaches its northern limits in eastern North Carolina.
Tidal marshes and swamps, primarily oligohaline. Rare in the Coastal Plain; most records are from the wind-tidal systems of the Embayed Region in far se. Virginia (Back Bay; North Landing and Northwest rivers); also extant along Pitts Creek in Accomack County.
Native Status

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