Acorus calamus L.

Locations ofAcorus calamus L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Acorus calamus L.
Common Name
Sweetflag, European Calamus
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Acorus calamus L.
Acorus calamus is said to be a sterile triploid introduction by early European settlers, easily propagated by rhizomes (FNA, Vol. 22:125 ff). However, further observations are needed to explain its frequency and wide distribution. Diploid and tetraploid populations (ie, fertile) occur in Asia (op. cit.). The similar but native Acorus americanus has been attributed to Virginia by FNA, but the source of this record is unknown to us.
Freshwater and oligohaline tidal marshes, calcareous fens and marshes, wet meadows, impoundments, open seeps, ditches, other disturbed, open wetlands. Frequent and locally common in the Coastal Plain and mountains; infrequent in the Piedmont. Especially frequent in calcareous marsh wetlands west of the Blue Ridge, where habitations are not always close by.
Native Status

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