Nyssa biflora Walt.

Locations ofNyssa biflora Walt. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Nyssa biflora Walt.
Common Name
Swamp Tupelo, Swamp Black Gum
Nyssa sylvatica Marshall var. biflora (Walt.) Sarg.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Nyssa biflora Walt.
Subsumed within Nyssa sylvatica in Atlas III, this species probably occurs in every county of the southeastern and east-central Virginia Coastal Plain. Additional herbarium work will be required to complete the map.
Alluvial swamps, especially along smaller streams and in sandy or organic soils; tidal swamps, nonriverine swamps, maritime swamps, seepage swamps, and depression ponds; habitats are typically inundated for substantial periods of time or are ± permanently saturated by perched water tables. Although it sometimes occurs with water tupelo (Nyssa aquatica), this species is most often found in more organic, peaty soils and much less often in silty alluvial backswamps on rivers that originate in the Piedmont or clay-rich regions of the Coastal Plain. Common in the s. and c. Coastal Plain, rarely extending into the extreme e. Piedmont; remarkably disjunct to at least one Shenandoah Valley sinkhole pond in Augusta County.
Native Status

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