Symphyotrichum lanceolatum (Willd.) Nesom

Locations ofSymphyotrichum lanceolatum (Willd.) Nesom in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Symphyotrichum lanceolatum (Willd.) Nesom
Common Name
Panicled Aster, Eastern Lined Aster
Aster simplex Willd.; Aster lanceolatus Willd.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Symphyotrichum lanceolatum (Willd.) Nesom var. lanceolatum + Symphyotrichum lanceolatum (Willd.) Nesom var. latifolium (Semple & Chmielewski) Nesom
Two vars. - var. lanceolatum and var. latifolium (Semple & Chmielewski) Nesom - have been attributed to Virginia. Var. latifolium is the common southeastern segregate of the species while var. lanceolatum is northern in distribution. These vars. have been lumped under a broad species concept in most previous Virginia studies, and most Virginia herbarium specimens are not identified to var. In addition, the name var. lanceolatum appears to have been applied incorrectly to some specimens of var. latifolium. It appears that var. lanceolatum is the more restricted var. in Virginia. However, the two vars. have in-state ranges that are sympatric, and specimens of intermediate or equivocal morphology occur. Considerable work will be needed to reliably map them. See also Comment under Symphyotrichum praealtum var. angustior.
Floodplain forests, alluvial swamps, seepage swamps, fens, riverbanks and stream banks, moist to wet meadows and clearings; occasionally in freshwater tidal marshes and swamps. Frequent to locally common throughout.
Native Status

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