Salicornia ambigua Michaux

Locations ofSalicornia ambigua Michaux in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Salicornia ambigua Michaux
Common Name
Woody Glasswort, Perennial Glasswort
Sarcocornia ambigua (Michx.) M.Á.Alonso & M.B.Crespo; Sarcocornia pacifica (Standley) A.J. Scott; Sarcocornia perennis (P. Mill.) A.J. Scott, misapplied; Salicornia virginica L., misapplied
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Salicornia ambigua Michaux
Flora of the Southeastern U.S. (Weakley et al. 2023) follows the species-level taxonomy of Alonso & Crespo (2008, Ann. Bot. Fennici 45: 241-254), who treat eastern North American material as Sarcocornia ambigua, while also accepting the inclusion of Sarcocornia in Salicornia (Piirainen, Liebisch, & Kadereit 2017, Taxon 66: 109-132).
Salt pannes and overwash flats. Locally frequent to common in the outer Coastal Plain maritime zone (including the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay).
Native Status

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