Silene virginica L.

Locations ofSilene virginica L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Silene virginica L.
Common Name
Fire Pink
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Silene virginica L.
Silene virginica occurs under diverse habitat conditions and can vary dramatically in size depending on soil moisture, fertility, and/or light levels. Flowering starts early but is also often prolonged well into summer on mesic sites. As a result, we are somewhat skeptical of the validity of var. robusta Strausbaugh & Core, described only from West Virginia (1952, Castanea 17:165), and would like to see more definitive genetic or molecular evidence to support recognition of infraspecific taxa.
Mesic to dry forests, rocky woodlands, barrens, rock outcrops, and roadbanks; tolerant of a range of soil and rock chemistries, and soil moisture conditions. Frequent in the c. and s. Piedmont and mountains; rare in the n. mountains; absent elsewhere.
Native Status

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