Triosteum aurantiacum Bickn. var. aurantiacum

Locations ofTriosteum aurantiacum Bickn. var. aurantiacum in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Triosteum aurantiacum Bickn. var. aurantiacum
Common Name
Orange-fruited Horse-gentian, Coffee Tinker's-weed
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Triosteum aurantiacum Bickn. var aurantiacum
Flora of the Southeastern U.S., BONAP, Cronquist, and Fernald all recognize three varieties, of which only var. aurantiacum is attributed to Virginia. In our experience, the pubescence and glandularity characters that define these vars. can be vexingly variable, even within the putative var. aurantiacum. Similar variations occur in Triosteum angustifolium and T. perfoliatum, and the whole genus appears badly in need of modern systematic study.
Dry, often rocky forests and woodlands, primarily over limestone and dolostone, but also occasionally over calcareous siltstone, calcareous sandstone, and mafic rocks. Infrequent in the sw. and c. mountains, north to Augusta and Nelson counties; rare in the sw. Piedmont.
Native Status

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