Viburnum recognitum Fernald

Locations ofViburnum recognitum Fernald in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Viburnum recognitum Fernald
Common Name
Smooth Arrow-wood
Viburnum dentatum L. var. lucidum Aiton
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Viburnum recognitum Fern.
Map incomplete at this time; based herbarium specimens that are labeled or annotated Viburnum recognitum or V. dentatum var. lucidum. See Comments under Viburnum dentatum complex.
Mesic to dry upland forests, bottomland forests, wet flatwoods, seepage swamps, fens, alluvial and tidal swamps, upland depression swamps, and rocky riverside bars. Widely distributed and more or less frequent east of the mountains; infrequent in the n. and c. mountains; rare to absent in the southernmost Piedmont counties and the southwestern mountain region.
Native Status

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