Anagallis arvensis L.

Locations ofAnagallis arvensis L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Anagallis arvensis L.
Common Name
Scarlet Pimpernel, Common Pimpernel
Lysimachia arvensis (L.) U. Manns & A. Anderberg
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Anagallis arvensis L. ssp. arvensis
Recent molecular studies (Manns & Anderberg 2009, Willdenowii 39: 49-54; Manns & Anderberg 2005, Int. J. Pl. Sci. 166:1019-1028; Hao et al. 2004, Molec. Phylogenetics and Evol. 31: 323-339) suggest that Anagallis is embedded in Lysmiachia and should be transferred there. However, markedly different phylogenetic trees generated by these studies are clearly related to differences in the species that were sampled, suggesting that further sampling with a larger dataset is needed. In particular, it appears that the use of more North American species of Lysimachia in such studies could markedly affect their outcomes. While Anagallis is clearly polyphyletic, we are retaining it for the time being rather than "watering down" Lysimachia as we await clarity from additional studies.
Lawns, fields, roadsides, and other open, disturbed habitats. Frequent throughout.
Native Status

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