Aureolaria pedicularia (L.) Raf.

Locations ofAureolaria pedicularia (L.) Raf. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Aureolaria pedicularia (L.) Raf.
Common Name
Fern-leaf Yellow False Foxglove, Annual Oak-leach
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Aureolaria pedicularia (L.) Raf.
Considerable regional variation exists based primarily on type and distribution of pubescence, as well as degree of leaf and calyx lobing. Three varieties (var. pedicularia, var. intercedens, and var. austromontana) are reported from Virginia by Pennell. Most authors today feel that they hardly seem worthy of recognition. This has not been studied in Virginia, nor have specimens been determined to variety for mapping purposes.
Dry oak forests, pine-oak/heath woodlands, and clearings. Frequent in the mountains (except in sw. Virginia); infrequent in the Piedmont and Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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