Buckleya distichophylla (Nutt.) Torr.

Locations ofBuckleya distichophylla (Nutt.) Torr. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Buckleya distichophylla (Nutt.) Torr.
Common Name
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Buckleya distichophylla (Nutt.) Torr.
Very local but sometimes forming large populations. For a fuller account of this interesting Appalachian endemic, see Musselman (1982), The Santalaceae of Virginia, Castanea 47:276-283. The reproductive biology of Buckleya was investigated by Dr. Ryan Huish and reported in the following article: Huish, R., et als. 2019. Investigations into the reproductive biology of the Southern Appalachian endemic piratebush (Buckleya distichophylla): Pollination biology, fruit development, and seed germination, Castanea 84(1):70-80.
Upland forests and woodlands, usually growing with pines or hemlock; most common in dry, scrubby, pine-oak/heath woodlands. Rare but sometimes forming large populations in the sw. mountains (both Southern Blue Ridge and Ridge and Valley provinces), from Grayson and Carroll counties n. to Botetourt County; primarily in the New River drainage.
Native Status

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