Crataegus macrosperma Ashe

Locations ofCrataegus macrosperma Ashe in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Crataegus macrosperma Ashe
Common Name
Big-fruited Hawthorn, Eastern Hawthorn
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Crataegus macrosperma Ashe
The "fanleaf" haws of the southern mountains (Crataegus flabellata misapplied) fall into two groups: plants with 5-10 stamens are referable to C. macrosperma, whereas those with 15-20 are C. schuettei (C. basilica).
In a wide diversity of habitats, including dry stony creek bottoms, slope forests, ridgetops, clearings, and even wetland edges; especially numerous in montane oak and oak-hickory forests at middle to higher elevations; more often in forests and forest edges than in open fields. Common and widespread in the mountains; frequent in the inner Piedmont; rare eastward.
Native Status

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