Crataegus margarettae Ashe

Locations ofCrataegus margarettae Ashe in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Crataegus margarettae Ashe
Common Name
Margaret's Hawthorn
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Crataegus margarettae Ashe var. angustifolia E.J. Palmer in Deam + C. margarettae Ashe var. brownii (Britt.) Sarg. + C. margarettae Ashe var. margarettae
Our only member of Series Rotundifoliae and distinctive in its crenate or shallow teeth. Several varieties have been named: var. angustifolia with narrower leaves is known from Bath, Botetourt, and Rockingham; var. brownii with small fruits is known from Alleghany and Rockingham. A population on the crest of Peters Mountain at Symms Gap is impressive for its numberous large, multi-stemmed shrubs most of which are on the Monroe Co., W. Va., side of the ridge.
Various seasonally moist to dry openings in montane stream valleys and on ridge crests; habitat differences, if any, among the three varieties of Crataegus margarettae are obscure. Infrequent, mountains, known primarily from the Ridge and Valley province.
Native Status

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