Crataegus pruinosa (Wendl. f.) K. Koch var. pruinosa

Locations ofCrataegus pruinosa (Wendl. f.) K. Koch var. pruinosa in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Crataegus pruinosa (Wendl. f.) K. Koch var. pruinosa
Common Name
Frosted Hawthorn
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Crataegus pruinosa (Wendl. f.) K. Koch var. pruinosa
The species is here fairly broadly defined. It is recognized generally by its entirely smooth leaves, elevated calyx, and hard greenish (often pruinose) pomes. A number of variations are given varietal status provisionally: 1.) var. dissona has dull green leaves and 10 stamens instead of the usual 15-20; 2.) var. parvula has smaller leaves; 3.) var. rugosa has leaf bases truncate or subcordate and white or pink anthers instead of the usual purplish color; 4.) var. gattingeri has an elongated central lobe to the leaf and smaller anthers. The accompanying map may include material fitting one or another of these descriptions.
Old fields, clearings, and dry, often rocky, forests; habitat differences, if any, between varieties of Crataegus pruinosa are obscure. Common in the mountains; infrequent in the Piedmont.
Native Status

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