Dalibarda repens L.

Locations ofDalibarda repens L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Dalibarda repens L.
Common Name
Dewdrop, Robin-runaway, Star-violet
Rubus dalibarda L. (illegitimate name); Rubus repens (L.) Kuntze
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Rubus repens (L.) Kuntze
This is a rare case where Flora of the Southeastern States (Weakley et al. 2023) rejects a strict rule of monophylly in phylogenetic trees. The most recent molecular analyses suggests that Dalibarda is nested within Rubus, but the morphological evidence of its independence is overwhelming. Not only is it uninvolved in the reticulate evolution of core Rubus, it is unique (among Rubus) in its herbaceous habit, unarmed stems, simple leaves, dry fruits, reduced carpel number, and apetalous, carpellate and cleistogamous flowers.
Shaded, acidic seeps, seepage swamp hummocks, mossy stream banks, and damp lower slopes, at middle elevations. Rare, sw. mountains; known from only a few sites on the Southern Blue Ridge in Carroll and Grayson counties.
Native Status

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