Desmodium glabellum (Michx.) DC.

Locations ofDesmodium glabellum (Michx.) DC. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Desmodium glabellum (Michx.) DC.
Common Name
Dillenius' Tick-trefoil
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Desmodium glabellum (Michx.) DC.
This species and Desmodium perplexum Schub. are very similar and often difficult to distinguish; the types and amounts of pubescence that allegedly separate the two taxa seem to vary continuously between and within populations. While older keys often seemed inadequate, Thomas (2020, Missouriensis 38: 29-50) has proposed a new and promising morphological approach to separating these taxa. This approach has also now been incorporated into the Flora of the Southeastern U.S. key.
Various mesic to dry habitats; floodplain forests, open upland forests, woodlands, riverbanks, old fields, clearings, and roadsides. Common throughout.
Native Status

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